Honoring Outstanding Women of Impact



The Her Network  Woman of the Year Awards is designed to publicly celebrate, showcase and honor women in diverse industries who are doing great work i.e positively affecting lives/changing the narrative through their work and leaving a legacy for generations to come. The Platform seeks to celebrate all women whose work is of great impact to immediate and extended communities. To reflect this, categories presented are changed every year and both known and unsung women in different sectors will be identified by leveraging on the public submission through the nomination process and which eventually leads up to one woman per industry/sector to be awarded and celebrated as the Woman of the Year.

The winners are chosen by a special panel of industry veterans and will be revealed later in the year.

The key objectives for the Woman of the Year Awards are:

To recognize, motivate and empower women in different sectors.

To unite Women through the recognition and celebration of excellence, inspiration and relentless progression.

To record the significant role played by women in the various sectors and industries.

To emphasize the value of impact and positive inspiration for the younger generation.

“Whatever great meaningful and impactful work we are doing now is only the beginning, let's keep moving forward for a better tomorrow.” ― George Stamatis