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2018 Nomination Categories


 Please note these are subject to change depending upon the amount of nominees in each category, without prior notice. 

Woman of the Year (CAREER);  This category recognizes and celebrates a professional woman who works in the private or public sector and through her position, has impacted lives positively.

Woman of the Year (COMMUNITY SERVICE);  This category recognizes a woman who has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to a particular social cause or underprivileged community. She will be celebrated for her selfless contribution of time and talent to this community or individuals within it.

Woman of the Year (EDUCATION);

Education: This category will recognize a woman who has demonstrated zeal by developing a notable educational practice, evident in her commitment to grow and develop others generally or in specific fields of study. She may also be involved in the development, promotion and/or implementation of educational programs on an individual or institutional level.

Woman of the Year (ENTERTAINMENT); This category is dedicated to the woman who effortlessly combines wit and creativity to invoke feelings of happiness, hope and liveliness in people. She undoubtedly inspires and incites positive emotion in people through her chosen line of entertainment.

Woman of the Year (ENTREPRENEURSHIP);

This category recognizes a woman who is building or leading a successful business.

Her business must have been in existence for over 3 years with measurable impact on clientele and the public in general.

Woman of the Year (HEALTHCARE); This category recognizes a woman in the health sector who depicts passion and dedication in her profession to care for the lives of people and health-related situations.

Woman of the Year (PHILANTHROPY); This category recognizes a woman focused on giving back to the society for any legitimate socio-economic cause, either by means of a foundation or as an individual. She must have made a visible and measurable impact in the lives of people or a community in the spheres in welfare, education and economic potential.

Woman of the Year (SOCIAL MEDIA); This unique category is dedicated to celebrating a woman who will be selected from a pool of outstanding women, from all spheres of life, within and outside Nigeria (Globally). This is one who through her virtual platform, inspires and delivers positively impactful content.

Woman of the Year (START-UP); This category recognizes and celebrates a woman who has identified and specialises in a niche through which she positively impacts lives via the operations of such business or platform. She must run a structured business with the potential to scale business operations which show elements of innovation and creativity.

Woman of the Year (TECHNOLOGY); This category is dedicated to a woman who has created innovative solutions in the tech industry for the benefit of businesses in other sectors or individuals. She must be directly involved in developing solutions and measurable impact by successful case studies.

Woman of the FUTURE ; This category recognizes a young female entrepreneur below the age of 25 who lives an untold story of passion and perseverance towards a project or business. This young woman must be a graduate or undergraduate and have a good reputation with a high potential of building a successful business or platform.

*The Category is being  presented by “The Future is Her” . A Women’s Empowerment Initiative founded by Stephanie Coker Adenirokun.

Woman of the Year (Overall Achiever);

This category is dedicated to honouring a woman of sophistication, style and resilience for hard work in comprising life and business situations. She will be recognised as an overall achiever across various industries as she balances these successes with personal life struggles in 2018.

All nominees in any category will be eligible  for this award irrespective of their number of  nominations.


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